Willow Garden

Now Offering local home delivery of Organic Produce and More!

Local Home Delivery Available !

Jackson Area on Tuesdays

Shop the our local line store Saturday-Sunday to place
an order for Tuesday.
Home Delivery is Tuesdays 1 PM -6 PM.
Pick-up at Groveland Market 3-6pm

Local and Hillsdale Area on Thursday

Shop our local line store Monday-Tuesday to place an
order for Thursday.
Home Delivery is from 1 PM - 6 PM
Pick-up at Greener Grass Farms 3-5PM
Locally Grown & Certified Organic

Our Products

Farmers Markets

We attend the Marshall Area Farmers Market Every Saturday from
May-November and the Meridian Township Farmer Market on
Wednesdays June-October. Our main focus is providing fresh organic
produce to our customers, but we also grow organic plants for home
gardeners and other farmers.

Our Story
We have spent a decade working to make a living doing something we
love. We have tried everything from raising rabbits to growing microgreens since we started our life as farmers in 2010.