Our Online Seasonal Market

Seasonal Local Organic Produce

Everything we sell from Willow Garden is Certified Organic or sourced from a transitioning organic farm. Most of what we sell is grown by us on our small farm, but we also partner with a few other small organic farms from Hillsdale and Homer to help us offer a wider selection. If an item is grown by another farm we'll post the growers farms name and location in the product description.

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To increase the variety of items available for home delivery we have partnered with other local farms and producers.

  • EBMY Farms, is located between Albion and Parma. Paige make a wide range of Jams, Salsas, and Chuttneys for her Garden and Orchard. www.EBMYfarm.com
  • Ad Astra, Is a Local coffee roaster that goes well beyond fair trade when sourcing their coffee beans from farms around the world. www.adastraroasters.com
  • Molter Produce, is a large (200+ acres) Organic Farm and Orchard where we souce locally grown organic peaches and apples. www.molterproduce.com
  • Mushroom Curiosity, is a local mushroom grower from Pittsford, MI. We will begin offering their fresh Shiitake and Lions Mane as well as dried Oyster Mushroom in spring of 2023. www.mushroomcuriosity.com

Certified Organic Garden Starts & Potted Herbs

All our plants are grown and cared for by us from the day we sow the seed to the day we sell you the plant. Our customers have told us that our plants have given them the best vegetables they've ever grown. If you're going to put the time and effort into growing a garden make sure you start off with healthy plants that haven't been trucked across the country. Our Greenhouse season starts in Late April and runs thru early June. We will be open daily from 10am-6pm at the farm.

Our Maple Syrup & Honey

In late winter we tap the trees along the roads near our families farmland outside of Jonesville and bring the sap home to boil down in a wood-fired evaporated. The first syrup will be available by mid-March. The majority of our honey is gathered in late summer around the end of August. Since our farm is in a river valley surrounded by forest on all sides our bees have much more than just our vegetables to gather pollen from, which is likely why our customers say our honey is the best around.